some like it hot

the first salsa experiment
last night at the view, our youth worship service, i was speaking about goodness as a fruit of the spirit. as a part of the message i decided to steal a play from rob bell’s gamebook and make salsa during my message. i didn’t steal bell’s message (that would be wrong and bad .. badong) but i definitely took the salsa idea. i figured it was okay because pam and i have been perfecting the world’s most perfect salsa recipe over the past two months. i did the message, i made the salsa and then i simply hoped that the illustration helped the kids understand. by the end of the evening i knew that the kids like the salsa. that was pretty easy to find out since many of the told me that it was the greatest salsa they had ever eaten (and it wasn’t even my best batch). still i wasn’t really making the salsa for the kids to like it … it was a sermon illustration.

this afternoon i got the feedback i was hoping for. a couple of my teens dropped by and told me how great the salsa was. when i asked if they remembered what the message was about they told me what the main idea of the message was and what the points were. then we were able to discuss what they thought about the ideas. BINGO!

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