trying to catch up

i’m not blogging as much as i used to and i’m trying to correct it. some of it is that running and photography have been taking up a decent amount of time and therefore i just haven’t had as much wasted time (along with the fact that our church is down by 2 permenant staff members and 2 assistant members thus making the work load more) but allot of it is that i really haven’t had as much to blog about. i haven’t seen anything that i absolutely had to blog about. there have been things that i had thoughts about but not enough to actually write about. for example:

  • i saw a guy who was driving a truck and changing his pullover shirt all while holding a cigarette in his mouth – just picture this for a second and you will understand my amazement – i kept on expecting him to burst into flmes.
  • i continue to hate burger king which has still not responded to my letter.
  • i joined the blockbuster online program last week and i’m pretty psyched about it – we recieved our first movies today. i figure this will help me to reach one of my goals of seeing all the films on the afi’s 100 greatest films list.
  • i’m really proud of pam is going to be dr. pam pretty soon. she’s working her butt off and is about to finish her ph.d.
  • i love youth ministry but i hate the fact that allot of people automatically assume that the youth ministry knows all about recreation. it drives me crazy.
  • thanks to several of y’all responding to my request for help i’ve had several opportunities recently to take people’s portraits and it’s been allot of fun. thanks for helping.
  • i still haven’t finished the da vinci code movie because i was so bored by it that i quit a little over half way through it. i’m not sure i will finish it.
  • i finished lullaby by chuck plalhniuk the other day and it was a very interesting book.

i guess that’s it for now

my run for the day
distance – 8.1 miles
total time – 1:19:13
pace – 9:44/mile

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