should i shout this?

i watched the pixar movie “cars today and as usual i thought pixar did a great job with it. it was a good kids’ movie, the animation was amazing as usual, and had a very good point to it’s overall theme.

on a side note tonight i began to wonder why it is that most of the people who speak the loudest when it public actually have the least to say. i was at blockbuster tonight returning the videos that we had gotten from blockbuster online. as a part of blockbuster online i receive a free in store movie for each mailed movie i return. while i was in the store i heard the movie ramblings of a couple across the store. it was easy to hear them because they were shouting to each other. they needed to speak so loudly because they were standing three feet away from each other. it can be really hard to hear each other when you are 36 inches from each other. the only redeeming pat of their shouting was that they were idiots. thuse their conversation was very entertaining. one of them kept shouting about how he had heard really good things about this movie “clark.” the female then said she hadn’t heard of the film, grabbed it from him, and declared that it was “clerks 2” not “clark.”

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