night at the museum

every CHRISTmas afternoon the fam and i go out to see a movie. this year we went to see ben stiller’s night at the museum. i’ll talk about the movie in a second. first i want to talk about how much i love the grand cinema. pam and i love this movie house. it’s facilities are just as good as any of the big theaters but the thing we like about it is its small neighborhood feel. it’s great. they won our praise on CHRISTmas day by waving us through into the movie when they started having trouble with their credit card reader. they’re credit card machine couldn’t get through on it’s phone line and since we didn’t have any cash on us they gave us tickets for free and waved us through saying “merry CHRISTmas.” it was great.

it was even better when we found out that the movie we had just received free tickets to was a great movie. “night at the museum” was wonderful. pam and i usually love ben stiller so that was no surprise but this was one of the best movies he has done recently. we laughed all through the movie. the experience was even better because of the guys behind us.

pam has been telling me that as i get older i laugh much easier. i find myself laughing out loud at commercials and various other things that i would have never laughed at before. pam’s convinced its the natural result of age. if that’s true then it would explain the older guy behind us because he laughed at everything. things that were only slightly funny because hilarious because he was laughing uncontrollably. we would laugh at the movie and then laugh at the guy behind us who was still laughing at the movie. it made for a great movie going experience. i wish i could get him to sit behind me during every comedy i watch.

all in all i would say that “night at the movie” is one of the best movies i have seen in 2006.

my run for the day
distance – 7.8
total time – 1:17:44
pace – 9:58/mile

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