i’ve been a loyal user of’s running log for a year now. i like the log but i do have one complaint … i can’t find a way to feed my runs from it into blog. that’s why i’ve decided to try runstoppable. runstoppable does a rss feed of your workouts and matt g came up with a wordpress widget that will display a runstoppable running log in the sidebar. i’m not swapping yet but it is tempting because of the widget and allot of other features the runstoppable has (i.e. integration with google maps, calorie counts, etc.)

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  1. let me tell you Robert ,ur really cool with all this blog stuff,and I am glad you got me into blogging and me using blogger get me to be a lazy goofus.I will learn word press later on ,blogger forces me to not be lazy just when it comes to posting,but adding links and stuff ya have to do it manauly and also its a good teaching tool

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