the continued progress of the house

i haven’t blogged in awhile because the whole family has been working on our house. we had some great help that arrived various times throughout the weekend. we couldn’t have completed near as much work without these wonderful people. so to give thanks where thanks is due i want to say a big “THANK YOU” to:

  • debbie haltom
  • evelyn terrell (my mom)
  • floyd terrell (my dad)
  • rachel walters
  • sharron walters
  • norm warren

pam and i are very appreciative of the work these wonderful friends accomplished around our home. because of them we are much closer to having our house on the market. this should happen within the next week.

SIDE NOTE – pam’s best friend in life (outside of me of course) emailed the other day to say that the domain name was available and should probably be picked up quickly. i checked and even though there is no website the domain name is unfortunately unavailable. i’ve been considering domain names for awhile and i thought i would check a few of these domain names out with you guys. here are the ones i am considering:

  • – i worry this is too long BUT it’s easy to remember
  • – shorter but not as easy to remember
  • – i worry about the dash BUT it looks weird to me without a dash
  • – i’m not sure if this send the right message or not but it makes me laugh to think of it

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  1. my vote is all spelled out. The reality is most people will book mark it and not type it in. Also for those random searchers, they are mroe likely to type in the full name and this will pop up first.

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