a few days more

my time at parkview is winding down quickly. sunday is my last day. it’s all pretty freaky to me. not just because i’m leaving people i love nor the fact that about all i have done this week is pack up my study at the church. not just because of all the changes involved in moving to wisconsin nor the thought of having to start over again. all of those are important and a wee bit stressful but the thing that is freaking me out is that i am about to be through with my direct involvement within ministry to and with youth for at least a few years. working with teens is fun and challenging.

it’s fun because what other group would be cool with and connect with such a wide range of things? what other group would have thought an mp3 worship service was awesome? or be okay with a labyrinth and a food fight at the same retreat? ministry with teens is just plain fun.

it’s challenging because adolescents haven’t learned how to politely leave their questions unsaid. teens aren’t afraid to challenge you when they don’t understand or agree with you. they haven’t learned what adults have that sometimes you are just supposed to fain interest. so if you say something that doesn’t make sense or you teach in a boring manner then they will have no problems whipping out their phones and text messaging people or passing notes during your well prepared message. when you’ve hit it with teens then you’ve treated GOD’s word well.

for the next several years we will probably not have many teens in tapestry other than my own. that’s not youth ministry, it’s parenting (which i also love). i’m going to miss working with youth for awhile.