and i would like to thank …

if all goes as planned (which it rarely does) the terrell family will be completely packed by the time you read this entry (including our cable modem which is why i am setting this post up to go up automatically). we would not have been able to pack up and get everything ready if it had not been for the help of some wonderful people. you all went way past the extra mile and made the whole thing actually a little fun. so let me publicly say “thanks” to a few people. thank you … andre, william, beth, kirby, blaine, catherine, charlie, coleman, eric, julie, laura, lauren, and sam. you are the greatest!

andre, william, beth, and kirby are part of the reason we are going to miss our neighborhood so much. gettysburg drive is simply a wonderful neighborhood. i hope the new owners of 5928 soon realize that that best part about the house they just bought are the people who live around it (except possibly the vampire who lives next door – he’s okay, it’s just that you can never talk with him for more than 45 seconds).

remember to pray for the austins

i should have posted this yesterday so please forgive me for a little late notice. for all you who know and love the austins (those who don’t know the austins just trust me that you would love the austins if you knew them – they’re just the type of people that you have to love) if you don’t already know then i want to inform you that they are just fine after the earthquakes that hit peru. they are now going through the process of determining how they and the imb (international mission board) can best show the love of JESUS in meeting the needs around them. you can go to their blog ( for better updates.

remember to pray for the austins. in fact, it might be a good idea for many of us to commit to praying for them and the people of peru daily over the next month. if you are up for this or just want to drop them a line then email them at (each family member’s first – i.e. arnold (at), susie (at), alisha …, ben …, and patrich …)

right now one way you can send some help to peru is through world vision’s disaster recovery fund. world vision is an excellent relief agency. the austins will be updating their blog over the next few days with other more specific manners in which we can be of help to the people of peru.