thank you

while it was an uncomfortable night for me it was still a very much appreciated night. tonight control of “the view” was stolen away from me. jessica, eric, and some others took control of “the view” and turned it into a “let’s roast robert” night. while i was real uncomfortable with everyone talking about me for 45 minutes i was really moved by much of what was said and done. i am very appreciative of every one that was there and what was said. i also can’t thank you enough for the jambalaya cooking equipment. it will be well used and loved in wisconsin.

my last request is that you all give me a sandwich bag with a little soil from your home in it. pam and i would like to mix a little part of each of your homes with our new home. we will take the soil from your homes and mix it with the soil from our new home and plant a small piece of the youth ministry ginger plant in it. you will always be a part of our lives and this way a little of your soil will be with ours.