today was my last day at parkview. it’s been a good seven years with allot of ups and a few downs. of course, that’s what happens with life and communities. i am very thankful for my time at parkview and for the people that i came to know and love there. i believe that good days are ahead for my friends at parkview.

goodbye and GOD speed parkview.

dirk willems kicks butt

willems is just dang impressive. here’s what wikipedia has to say about him.

dirk willems (?? – May 16, 1569) was a martyred anabaptist who is most famous for his successful escape and subsequent reimprisonment after rescuing his pursuer, who had fallen through thin ice while chasing him. willems was born in asperen, netherlands, and was rebaptized as a young man. this action, plus his continued devotion to his new faith and the rebaptism of several other people in his home, led to his condemnation by the church of the netherlands. after his harrowing escape and recapture, he was burned at the stake near his hometown on 16 may 1569. today, he is one of the most celebrated anabaptist martyrs, and a historical drama, dirk’s xxodus, written by james C. juhnke, is based on his life.

SIDE NOTE – i also like the following clarence jordan quote:

faith is not belief in spite of evidence but a life lived in scorn of the consequences.