worth a shot?

a friend of mine sent me this link. it’s about a church handing out shot glasses at local bars that say “give us a shot.” i don’t know anything about the church and so what i am about to say is purely from the fox news article. i’m impressed that they are doing something different and going out into their community rather than just sitting in their church waiting for people to come to them. yet i have very mixed feelings about anything involving the possibility of hard liquor. i don’t have a problem with people drinking alcohol. it’s not my cup of team but i’m fine with it if someone else wants to. i believe the bible is very clear concerning JESUS drinking wine but also very clear about being inebriated being a sin. so i have got to be honest and say that shot glasses are probably a little far for me. i’ve known and been around the effects of enough alcoholics to be pretty uncomfortable with anything that encourages hard drinking. that’s where i have a hard time deciding how i feel about this. i just wish i knew more about this church.

have they crossed the line?

ht spencer

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  1. Odd strategy indeed. Well, they are trying to reach out to “sinners.” One key thing in church marketing, though, is that we should usually promote Jesus rather than our church.

    Then again “Give Jesus a shot” might not sound quite right either.

  2. I like the innovation, but a little too different. I guess they get kudos for thinking “outside of the box”. Not real sure what kind of message it sends.

  3. i didn’t say you were a drunk. i would say you are extremely corny but not a drunk. in fact, you jokes are so bad that only someone who has been liquored up would laugh at them. still you’re not a drunk.

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