you've got to be kidding

i can’t believe that three of y’all have already contributed to me doing the polar plunge. i posted about it yesterday and i really figured no one would contribute. then low and below jim, jill, and eric have already thrown some money in the till. woohoo!

of course, the said news is that this means i have to go through with it now. i was hoping to talk like was going to do this and then let people forget about it. now, nobody is going to forget about it. thanks guys.

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  1. That is great… HAVE to do it now. Lots of pressure! Do they actually have to break the ice for you all to jump in? I would pay more if I actually was up there to see.

  2. Hey Jim, they mention how you have to wear shoes to do this to keep from cutting your feet on the ice and/or having your feet stick to the ice. I’m debating doing it too. If I decide to, then I’m going to dress like a penguin.

  3. One year ago….what would you have responded if I said you would be jumping in an iced-over piece of water in Wisconsin in February for fun or a good cause?????

    LOVE IT! 🙂

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