packer depression

so the miracle season ended last night. it was a lot of fun around here while it lasted. the funny thing has been listening to the radio shows around central wisconsin as they talk about the feelings of depression that people are experiencing because of the packers’ loss last night. i heard one guy on the radio say that during his two hour drive home from the game last night he decided that it would be best to lie to his kids and talk about how great the game and season was instead of admitting his depression to his kids and pulling them down.


i watched the game last night when my kids and wife. while, i do wish the pack could have pulled it out, the evening was still great fun. we shouted at the television, we cheered when the right things happened, and jeered when the right things didn’t happen. it was a great evening.

besides that, the chicago bears sucked so it really was a pretty good football season. 🙂

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  1. Hi Robert –

    Just wanted to let you know your blog comes up as the 4th link on google when you search “Packers / depression” – thanks for keeping things in perspective – God Bless You and good luck to you in your ministry! It was a fun game wasn’t it? –


    Jude Clover – Orlando, FL

  2. And besides that you don’t have to listen to Grant ramble about how great the Bronco’s are. 🙂 Think Farve will come back for one more year?

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