winter wonderland

more snow - #21/366 Jan 21, 2008
my family and i live in a postcard. we’re getting another 5-6″ of snow today & tonight. it’s absolutely gorgeous. when we moved up to central wisconsin from southern louisiana we had a large number of people around here question why we would want to move from a warm area to a land that has such harsh winters. i could see where the snow might get a little old in april but right now it’s amazing. when i walk or run i find myself staring in a amazement at how pretty the area is that GOD has moved us to. a little cold is well worth putting up with in order to live in such a beautiful area.

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  1. i love how you don’t even care that it’s in the negatives, but you are just thankful for the fact that GOD has blessed you with family and beauty all around you.

    you are a true inspiration

  2. You are right – the snow is beautiful & I am enjoying the pictures that you all have taken this winter. This one of Montana ? is a cute one!

  3. @madie – you’re really kind but i promise neither i nor my family are making any kind of sacrifice. negative tempratures are a small price to pay for the beauty we’re surrounded with. if you saw it you would understand and agree. we’re no inspirations, the inspiration is around us.

    @jill – thanks. the photo is roux who absolutely loves the snow. montana merely puts up with the snow.

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