i like these days better

some days i get pretty disheartened about how we’re going to start tapestry. some days i spend all day praying and trying to meet someone new who might be the next person that GOD leads my way that will help or join in starting the church. some days i spend all day trying to explain what it is that i believe GOD is leading our group to do only to look at them stare blankly back at me or even worse say something like “you’re kidding, right?” some days i spend all day doing stuff that doesn’t seem to matter at all and i am left sitting in the evening wondering how we’ll even get the church started when i am able to get so little done. some days it’s so cold outside that it’s impossible for me to meet anyone and share what i believe GOD is going to do because everyone is trying to stay home where it’s warm. some days it seems like i’m not cut out to help plant a church and i was wrong in thinking that GOD wanted me to.

of course, today was not one of those days. in fact, today was the exact opposite of one of those days. today was about as good as it could possibly get and if i have four more of these days tapestry will be planted and healthy by saturday. it was a great day.

i like days like “today” a ton better than days like “some days.”

SIDE NOTE – don’t worry mom i’m not depressed thankfully there aren’t very many “some days.” of course, there aren’t a ton of “todays” either. most days are just normal.

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  1. your today makes me smile. we have all been praying for you! We miss you, love you and are proud of you–just wish we could be there.

  2. I miss you, love you, and are very proud of you…………BUT I am very, very glad I’m not there!

    TOO COLD for this south Alabama boy.

    Love ya,


  3. Well there have been days that I wished I could hold your hand and walk you through it, but today sounds like the day you take the training wheels off and watch the wobbling kid take off. Go boy.

  4. Rob,
    I know how you feel. Beginning a ministry from scratch is very much like starting a church – except you know all the people and they know you, but your their friend more than a co-laborer for the Kingdom.

    Although, I have to say, from experience, that without “some days” days the “todays” wouldn’t be any good. They would just be “other days”.

  5. Thankfully God gives us one day at a time! I pray that your todays outweigh your some days & that on the some days, you get the encouragement you need!

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