since tapestry does not formally (i.e. legally) exist yet we don’t have members (it’s kind of hard to have members in something that doesn’t yet exist) but as of today we have our first person joining us on the journey whose last name is terrell. i’ve been meeting people for the past four months, talking and listening with people concerning what they believe the bride of CHRIST (the church) is supposed to be like, and sharing with them what i feel called to do. a couple of weeks ago i asked a few people to pray about joining us on the journey. today the first one said “yes.”


there are a couple of other people who are thinking and praying over things at the moment and a bunch more that i am continuing to talk with. within the next three weeks pam and i are going to start meeting with, eating with, praying with, reading the acts of the apostles with, and discussing with a group of people who will hopefully commit to joining with us on starting the church that we believe GOD has called us to start. we’ll do this on sunday nights for 5-6 weeks and then start taking our next steps.

SIDE NOTE – at present the terrell family is living through its first classified blizzard ever. the wind chill outside is presently -25º and is supposed to reach as low as -45º tomorrow. thankfully i’m inside.

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  1. So you send your kids out in this to go to school and what, you stay at home and work on church “stuff”? 🙂

    Are you going to try to run in this weather?

  2. I see that the public schools are closed, is the university shut down also, or did DIL have to put on her nose warmer and brave the elements.?

  3. @mike – naw the kids are at home but pam had to go in. i was going to try and go make some new connections but not too many people seem to get out when it’s this cold. who would have guessed that. i’ve already walked in the weather and it was pretty cold. still, i think i’m probably going to run in it just so i can say that i have.

    @mom – you’re kidding right? do you honestly think i can make a decent soup? now if you said “get the smoked brisket ready for her” that might be viable.

  4. You should be able to make a decent camp stew with smoked brisket. Just add tomatoes, corn, butterbeans, onions, potatoes and chicken broth. Walla! Camp Stew. 🙂

  5. Congrats on the success with Tapestry. Are you even going to be able to train at all for the marathon with the horrendous cold you all have there?

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