when pam and i came to wisconsin to plant tapestry we did so with the knowledge that i would receive some salary support from the minnesota / wisconsin baptist convention but without any idea where we would get any initial funds for starting anything up. obviously we would be tithing to the church but we figured that it would be for quite some time before anyone else was contributing financially to ministry of the church. that was going to be okay because i am a firm believer that ministry is not dependent upon money. yes, you need a little money for certain things but most things can be done with very little money if you have a great abundance of time, energy, creativity, and initiative. so pam and i figured we would be doing this thing with our tithe and as much time, energy, creativity, and initiative as we could muster together.

thanks to some of y’all the plan has changed in one detail. we’re still going to use as much time, energy, creativity, and initiative as we can possible put together but we no longer have to depend upon our tithe alone. some of you have made some very generous contributions to tapestry. i wasn’t expecting them but i am very much appreciative of them. thanks guys.

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