got game?

i have $40 worth of best buy certificates that are going to go bad soon. i’m thinking that i might buy an xbox 360 game. it turns out that i basically spent my birthday money back in november for my boys to play games they like (i.e. guitar heriii & madden ’08) while i play halo 3. i’m sure i would probably love those games but i really have been that interested in trying them. so i was hoping some of you might have some recommendations. so do any of you have any games that you absolutely love to play?

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  1. It’s not a 360 game but Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory is my second favorite game of all time.

    I don’t like the new Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

    I heard the Orange Box was awesome – like 5 games in one.

  2. Call of Duty 4 is pretty cool, but I’m awful at it; the kids won’t even play me because I’m so bad. And college football 08 is far superior to madden.

  3. So, what did you get? Oh, by the way, now that you’ve probably tried it out, what’s your opinion of Nintendo’s Wii console?

    The last video game system I had was a super nintendo.

  4. i haven’t decided yet stephen. i’ve got a week on my coupons so i’ll have to decided soon.

    the wii is really fun. we go in phases on it. it’s a much better family game than any other console i’ve been around. it really encourages involvement. i understand what you mean by not having a console. if my kids didn’t save up and buy things with their own money i wouldn’t have access to much of anything.

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