got game?

i have $40 worth of best buy certificates that are going to go bad soon. i’m thinking that i might buy an xbox 360 game. it turns out that i basically spent my birthday money back in november for my boys to play games they like (i.e. guitar heriii & madden ’08) while i play halo 3. i’m sure i would probably love those games but i really have been that interested in trying them. so i was hoping some of you might have some recommendations. so do any of you have any games that you absolutely love to play?

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  1. It’s not a 360 game but Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory is my second favorite game of all time.

    I don’t like the new Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

    I heard the Orange Box was awesome – like 5 games in one.

  2. Call of Duty 4 is pretty cool, but I’m awful at it; the kids won’t even play me because I’m so bad. And college football 08 is far superior to madden.

  3. i haven’t decided yet stephen. i’ve got a week on my coupons so i’ll have to decided soon.

    the wii is really fun. we go in phases on it. it’s a much better family game than any other console i’ve been around. it really encourages involvement. i understand what you mean by not having a console. if my kids didn’t save up and buy things with their own money i wouldn’t have access to much of anything.

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