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Tapestry Logo.v1.jpg
a friend of mine has been nice enough to throw some of her graphic design expertise this way by agreeing to do a little design package for tapestry. yesterday she sent over the first version of possible logos. they’re above. i’ve printed them out and i will be staring at them, thinking about them, praying about them, dreaming about them and most importantly doodling on them (the logo has to look good with doodles – that’s a must). on a whole, i think she did a spot on job.

do any of y’all have any thoughts.

my run for the day
distance – 2.0 miles
time – 21:39
pace – 10:50/mile
weather – 22º/snowing

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  1. I like the top right. I can see at a later date writing on the weaving, things like pray, teach, share…or whatever your mission statement ends up being. Plus it would be really cool recreated in fabric on a wall.

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