hi res brushes

my desktop wallpaper at the moment
i know next to nothing about graphic design. i can take a decent photo every now and then and i can do some of the basics within photoshop. yet really knowing how to produce contemporary designs to communicate effectively is not really in my realm of expertise. this poises a problem for tapestry because we’re going to need a decent, convenient, inexpensive source of basic design. i hope that eventually this issues will be address by someone within the church who has the talent and desire t keep all that we publish looking good and consistent. for now i’ll be working on most of this stuff. this means that i have spent most of the day looking at sources of design examples and resources. i have fallen in love with hi res brushes for photoshop. they are quite cool. bittbox offers quite a few for free. the ones i like right now are:

between these and creative commons images that let me do derivations of them i hopefully will be able to produce some decent images. if anyone ones else (cough *brad*) has any inexpensive/free/open resources i would gladly except the information.

SIDE NOTE – i also love the church marketing sucks lab on flickr. it’s very helpful.