the climate change commercial that has pat robertson and al sharpton on it scares me. not really because of anything that’s said, but because pat robertson looks just like grandpa on the adam’s family television show. somebody should have redone his make-up or something.


i’ve spent the past two days at meetings with other pastors. there were some really good people involved in the meetings but that’s not what struck me. instead, i was hit by what we talked about. we talked about things that pastors care about and basically nobody else gives a rip on one way or the other. i’m sure this happens anytime you have a meeting that is specific to one profession. for example, i would imagine that when engineers get together and talk for business reasons that the talk is probably about esoteric engineering type things (this is a conversation that i am very glad i have never been a part of). i would imagine that when police officers get together they talk about enforcing the law, giving me tickets, and things like that. so it doesn’t really surprise me too much that when pastors get together they talk about pastoring stuff.

the odd thing was that both days were supposed to be about reaching new people with the message of CHRIST, and while we talked about some interesting things, i don’t remember talking about any of the same subjects that i have discussed with many of the nonCHRISTians i’ve met within the Point area. we didn’t touch on any of the same subjects.

it would be real easy for me to sound real with fit by just ending my post there. after all i would be the one that noticed how out of touch we were. but i need to point out that i was in both of those groups. i could have helped lead the discussion. instead, i sat there and thought how out of touch we all were. what a loser i am.

tomorrow i go to meet with another set of pastors (this is a very atypical week for me – heck it’s an atypical month). hopefully i’ll do better then.