very excited & a little nervous

after weeks of praying everyone on the tapestry launch team agreed that we should start the public worship services of tapestry on september 14th. we also agree that we want to do a prayer labyrinth in the uwsp university center in about four weeks. the second we reach that conclusion pam and my stomachs went beserk. i’ve had butterflies all day. yes we moved up to wisconsin for the purpose of planting tapestry but truthfully it didn’t seem as real before the launch date was set and the labyrinth was agreed upon. in my mind it all still seemed theoretical. it’s not anymore. it’s the real deal now and while it’s incredibly exciting it’s also a little nerve racking.

it’s so great.

anyway i’ve been usingg mind mapping to organize projects for a year or two now and i really like it as an organizational tool. it helps me to think through things. i’ve used mindmeister before (because it’s free and online – a combination that i like). i haven’t used the it’s collaborative features before but i decided it would be nice to try it this time. so i’ve set up a collaborative mind map for the labyrinth to see how it works out for us.

this would have been such a great thing to have had for youth ministry retreats. it would have been a great way of organizing several people working on various projects and also communicating what everyone was doing.

anyhow below is a link to the labyrinth mind map.

my run for the day
distance – 7.0 miles
time – 1:21:25
pace – 11:39/mile
weather – 40º/very windy