great neighbors

we have great neighbors. we had great neighbors in baton rouge and we were afraid when we moved to the point area that we might lose that and have neighbors that we didn’t really connect with. thankfully that didn’t happen. while no one can ever replace the wonderful neighbors we had in baton rouge it’s nice to know that we have wonderful friends in our new home too.

we just finished eat steaks and talking for a very long time with a couple of our neighbors. it was a wonderful evening.

SIDE NOTE – i listen to a great seminar on missiology from ed stetzer today. he brought up an interesting point of the main question that CHRISTianity attempts to ask the world … “if you were to die tonight do you know for sure where you would spend eternity.” he made a good point in pointing out that this question has been the main question that CHRISTians have tried to ask and answer for non-CHRISTians for the past 30 years while the big questions that people have been searching for answers for have changed. i wonder what the “big” questions are around all of us. if we don’t know the questions it is very difficult for us to show how JESUS can be the answer.