may stands for busy

may is a busy month for me both personally and ministerially. last night was the first thing that tapestry led within the community. we did our own interpretation of proost’s labyrinth experience. considering the fact that very few people within the point area have ever heard of tapestry i was quite please with the attendance. there were 18 people other than the launch team that came to the labyrinth (there are 5 of us thus making it 23 that participated). we might could have handled a little over double that amount and still been comfortable. the best part was that we didn’t draw very many people who attended other churches. the vast majority of the people that came to the labyrinth were not connected with another church. that’s the way it’s supposed to happen. i get more pumped about it the more i think about it. there was even discussion concerning doing this annually or doing a different experiential project each year.

it’s all not bad for a church that is starting out of hanging out in coffee shops.

even more important was that the labyrinth gave the launch team an example of what we can do that is not your typical church service. there are some amazing people on the launch team. most of them had not been through anything as experiential as the labyrinth. now that they have, their creativity can be released and great things can start happening. in the future we will be able to work more and more as a team, using everyone’s talents and input, because of what happened last night.

the rest of the busyness bounces around traveling and running. pam’s brother and sister-in-law are coming up to run the green bay marathon next week (i’m running too but they are beasts). we love hanging out with them so that make for a fun few days while they are here. after they leave i have a day or two before i fly down to baton rouge for john/haley’s wedding. it’s always fun to see former youth get hitched and it’s even more fun when it means i get to see people that i haven’t seen in a while. once i get back from that the family and i leave for minneapolis to see spamalot. we’re all very excited about this. the kids are going to love the play. pam and i have already seen it and seeing it again with our kids will make the experience all the better.

it’s a fun few weeks.

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  1. I still don’t understand the labyrinth thing. Please try to explain it to me again.

    Looks like we will be in Plover on September 14th (BIG SMILE)

    Love ya,


  2. I am so glad it went well for you. The prayer labyrinth is an amazing experience. I am sure all were touched in unique ways as they passed the stations.

    Alisha did a scaled down prayer labyrinth last night at a youth lock-in. Before going to bed this morning, she reported great results, as well.

  3. This is so great, man!
    I wish all churches started the way yours is!
    And I wish yours was in a warmer climate.
    I would totally be on board.

    Thank you for not borrowing millions of dollars to build a ridiculous building, and then hiring a staff to fill it up for you.

  4. actually, j.t. (blessed be your name) you just nailed the new plan. we start hiring the best and brightest staff next week and we’re building a “worship” structure that is bigger than the mall of america. i’m convinced that “if we build it they will come.” if i can promise you that you will never have to leave our new climate controlled building with built in gardens that make you think you are outside, would you be interested in moving up and joining us?

  5. Promise me I’ll never have to interact with non-Christians?
    Promise me a “Resource Center” with all the latest Christian books/t-shirts/pencil-toppers/breath mints and a coffee bar?

    And consider my flight booked.

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