test #2 – canoe + other basset

since we live 5 minutes away from three different river/creeks we decided we would take the canoe out after supper and see how roux would respond to being on the water. roux liked the canoe a good bit less than montana but apparently felt much more comfortable with the idea of walking around in the canoe. i’m not sure that we ever got real close to tipping the canoe over but we moved enough that it scared me a little. the video above is one of those jerks.

the good news is that both of the basset rides were good enough that we are going to keep on trying it. who knows after a month or two of basset training i may be able to go out and fly fish for smallies with a basset companion.

my run for the day
distance – 6.0 miles
time – didn’t take a watch
weather – 68º/night run

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