stupidity & the 901

this will be short but just wanted to let you all know that i am stupid. my first class for my d.min begins thursday. i’ve been reading the wrong syllabus for the past month and therefore thinking that my papers would be due weeks after the class is over. baaaaaaah! wrong answer. i looked at the correct syllabus today (after i realized i was reading the one for the next semester) and discovered that two papers were due in the professors’ offices last friday. great way to start off my new degree.

i’ve been writing feverishly to get things done and also emailing and calling new orleans seminary to try and see if it is possible to make arrangements to correct my stupidity. it’s made for an interesting day. the killer is that even when i didn’t take school that seriously (high school and college) i NEVER turned in a paper late. i went through high school, college, and graduate school (which i took very seriously) without ever turning in an assignment late. it just wasn’t an option for me. here i go starting my doctoral work by being a complete (though accidental) slacker. it’s killing me.

SIDE NOTE – the asus eee pc 901 came in today. i would love to tell you how cool it is but i’ve been too busy reading and writing to play with it. i’ll get to play with it wednesday.

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  1. Oh Robert, I’m so sorry. I have this urge to do something, but obviously I can’t. I’ll say a prayer. I must admit that this somehow makes me smile. Sorry.

  2. sorry that i am too far away for you to be able to gloat. 😉 don’t worry, now that i’ve finished the papers and sent them in i find myself smiling at my stupidity also.

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