superbowl 43 @ the terrell home

The Delay from Robert Terrell on Vimeo.

since tapestry is a church that only has an evening worship gathering we had an interesting problem with the superbowl. do we just ignore the superbowl and do our regular thing, or do we scrap our regular thing and focus on having a shared experience with the superbowl? it was pretty much a no brainer for us since it’s all about the church not being a building, a place or a program but the people of GOD. therefore, we canceled the normal worship gathering and everyone was invited over the to terrell home for a lot of food (polito’s pizza, brats, jambalaya, and various smaller things). it was a great evening.

perhaps the funniest thing is that we watched the game on two different televisions which had a second to two second delay between them. the whole evening the upstairs group would cheer first while the downstairs group had to figure out if it was a good or bad cheer. the video above was my attempt to catch it.

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