one only time?


my dad bought me the above spartus full-vue at a garage sell a couple of years ago. it has just been sitting in the “man cave” as decoration until today. i decided i was going to go out and take a view toy camera shots. the polar plunge was today and that is just the kind of event that calls for toy camera photos. since my lubitel is broken at the moment i used the full-vue and my holga. in a couple of weeks we’ll see how the photos turned out.

of course, this could be the only time the full-vue ever gets used because the crank for the film spindle broke while i was reeling the film through its last frame. makes me have mixed feelings about whether i want the photos to be any good or not. on one side of the coin i won’t feel like i really lost anything if the pictures are crap. on the other side it would be nice to know that i did get a couple of good shots from the thing before it died.

SIDE NOTE – as i said above the 2008 stevens point polar plunge was today. the boys and i decided at the last minute to go out and watch some of it. since the place where it is held is dang difficult for the terrell family to find (in other words, we got lost last year and this year) we got there right at the end of it. i’m contemplating trying this again next year. anyhow, here are two of the 3 photos i was actually able to take from the really crummy location we had.

DSC_0004 copy DSC_0001 copy

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