stand up for your product or throw it away

usb port man

awhile back i read this article at lifehacker (which you should add to your rss reader right now). basically it recommended sending broken beyond warranty stuff back to the manufacture instead of just throwing it away. if it’s just small stuff it won’t cost you much and there is apparently a pretty decent chance that you will get something back. so i’m trying this out today. i bought the above usb hub for one of our computers about 7 months ago. the other day it decided to stop working. the warranty was only 3 months but surely it should have lasted longer. so i’m sending it back to kikkerland to see if they will stand behind their product or not.

we’ll see what happens.

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  1. Well this thing certainly has “cute” factor figured in the cost, so it doesn’t have to work any longer than 3 months.

  2. we’ll see if they think the same thing or if they agree with me that it should last longer than 7 months. it’s an experiment that cost me $1.45 to mail but it will be worth it if kikkerland decides they want to stand behind they product.

  3. The only thing they should have done for more “cute” was make the little light on its left breast be heart shaped.

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