tapestry haircut

the audio quality sucks but this video is the beginning of me cutting off jesse’s hair for the message on amos 2:6-16 at tapestry last night. jesse was a beast for letting me do this. his hair was so thick that my normal cavalier approach to things accidentally inflicted pain on him. i wasn’t able to finish his haircut during the message but i did finish it during the last two songs of the night. my favorite moment is at the end of the video when jesse says that his hair is so thick because he conditions daily.

here’s what it looked like afterward.

the finished haircut

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  1. well it's the shortening or removal of one's hair through the means of a sharp object, such as shears or clippers. in this case we used electric clippers set with a .5 clipper guard.

  2. you're welcome.i was explaining the dramatic aspect of being a nazirite. i don't really have the ability to cause someone's hair to instantly grow so i figured we could just act out at the end of the vow which involves the removal of the nazirite's hair. so that's what we did.

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