jambalaya training

cold jambalaya
as many of you know i have used a good bit the jambalaya pot and equipment that parkview, jess, meg, and josh gave me when i left baton rouge. yesterday i was using it to cook the weekly meal for “the place of peace” and had a first time experience. “the place of peace” is a wonderful group that is affiliated with the catholic worker movement. volunteers provide a free meal for anyone who needs it. anyway yesterday they ate jambalaya. that wasn’t the first time experience because i’ve cooked for them before.

the first time experience was that i had the opportunity to teach someone how to make jambalaya. ben sheets is the associate pastor at good shepherd lutheran church and sunday he is leading the good shepherd youth in doing a jambalaya fundraiser to support their summer trip conference/mission trip to new orleans. so ben came over and went through the jambalaya making process with me. that was the first.

the student (josh taught me how to cook jambalaya) has finally become the teacher.

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  1. Can you find good sausage? Lucky for us, we have a pretty decent one in Peru. It’s not always available so when our grocery store WONG has San Fernando Chorizo, we buy it up.

    Works good for chicken and sausage gumbo too!

    We haven’t taught anyone how to cook it yet, we are forming dependencies our our cooking for that.

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