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luke 14 - jan 25, 2008 #25/366
yesterday morning i was given the opportunity to fill in as preacher at first baptist church in stevens point. the pastor glenn is retiring this year and is trying to take advantage of all the vacation time he has accrued. glenn is a great guy who has been a lot of help to me in getting adjusted to stevens point.

anyhow i love tapestry and the fact that people talk back to me when i’m speaking (i’m even more excited about the future because i believe we are going to develop new ways for people to participate more in our worship gatherings). my previous time at first baptist (i spoke there in 2007) was kind of a “i will sit down and stare at you while you speak” type of experience. basically very unlike tapestry. therefore, i thought i would start things off trying something different. i gave them two sermon subjects and told them that they had to vote on which one they wanted us to discuss. these were both subjects that i had put a lot of research into previously – one that i had never spoken on but had study in a doctoral seminar on jeremiah and another that i had spoken on once before. i felt both were appropriate for the crowd that was there.

the look on their faces was well worth it. they instantly developed a “deer in the headlights” look. i think it helped a little with encouraging participation (they spoke a little more than last time) but at the very least it made me smile. the best part is that if they didn’t like the message they ultimately have no one to blame but themselves because they chose the message. i’m sure the other one would have been much better. đŸ˜‰

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