the garage sale & day #4–question #4

pam will write a longer blog post on our garage sale. she is a great writer and therefore you should read what she posts. i’m going to talk about our garage sale as a basis for my question :

why do crazy people always seem to zero in on me?

we had one guy come to our garage sale who bought a $1 item and then spent the next 30 minutes telling me about how child safety principals had been developed by president nixon and the then director of the central intelligence agency george bush  (at least he proclaimed that bush was cia director then though bush wasn’t actually director until president ford was in office) as a means to help them institute the new world order through the implementation of “nafka” (which i assume is nafta).

you might want to re-read that last statement.

this individual stood over my seat and lectured me concerning how not giving a one year old child a choking hazard was making kids weak enough for the government to subjugate. this individual said that when he was a kid his dad had him driving a tractor around their farm and once when he accidentally drove the tractor over a 50 pound bag of potatoes his dad shot him with a gun in his arm.

again, you might want to re-read that last statement. let it sink in a little.

his dad shot him in the arm when he was three years old. apparently kids really were tougher back when he was a child. i was worried about his one year old grandson desiring to chew on a lincoln log and accidentally choking which seems kind of lamed compared to being shot when you are a three year old.

anyhow the conversation went from child safety to a lecture concerning the downfall of america due to “nafka,” the new world order, and the republican party.

my question revolves around the fact that i am wondering why he zeroed in on me. there were plenty of other people in our drive way and he focused on me. you can ask pam, the “interesting” people always seem to laser in on me. there most be some scent i realize that draws “interesting” people to me. i just want to know what it is.

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