a few days questions

i haven’t blogged my questions for a few days but i have been writing them down in my journal. so here they are:


day #5 – question #5

why don’t we call former president george h.w. bush, george bush the elder, which would sound very awesome?

i was recently reading some articles related to pliny the younger and it made me think how former president george w. bush could be called george bush the younger and his dad could be george bush the elder. how much cooler would that be? you know it would be amazingly awesome.


day #6 – question #6

why didn’t i get an elmo document projector before now?

i used the elmo this past sunday night at tapestry and i used it again last night when i spoke at the uwsp intervarsity large group meeting. i think it is effective but i KNOW that it is a blast for me to use.


day #7 – question #7

how often is the motivation for power behind what i do?

here’s what i mean by this question. recently i have been looking into the events of king henry viii of england and the english reformation. part of my study has been a realization of how many people who have been canonized saints by certain religious groups have often just been people of power acting to keep their power. there are tons of pious people who have been wonderful examples of faith in CHRIST. these are people who should be looked to concerning how to follow JESUS. yet so often we celebrate power and those who achieve it. we give them pious motivations when their motivations were usually more worldly in their nature. this is strange to me since i am trying to follow in the footsteps the LORD WHO displayed HIMself in the SON as weak. HE WHO has all power became weak in order to defeat the powers that fight against all that is good. so why do i so often celebrate power and try to achieve things through its means?

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