a little bit of work on a saturday

saloon doors

i know this will hurt some of you but the saloon doors on the mudroom bathroom is officially done for now. we’ve been meaning to replace these for a while and have finally gotten around to it. pam will paint the doors in the next few days. pam has had this on my “honey do” list for quite some time. i can’t believe it took me this long to get to replacing the doors. when you visit our home in the future you want have to use the bathroom in a room where the door is open on the bottom and the top.

Image02042012114626  DSC_0020-2

i also just finished replacing the rear deck speakers in fred. the factory speakers were trashed after 20 years of use. i replaced the front speakers with planet audio 4×6’s and the rear speakers with kicker d65 6.5’s. both of these speakers are inexpensive. the planet audio speakers sound nice (i put them in earlier during a lunch break) but the kicker speakers sound amazing. i have the option of putting 6.5 speakers in the front (the 4x6s fit into a 6.5” metal tray that fit into the door – not sure why nissan did this but it works out well for me) and i might replace the 4x6s later just because the kicker speakers sound so amazing.

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  1. I may want to replace the speakers in the Mustang, how much were the one you bought…….how much do I have to spend? Suggestions?

    1. dad i did a little bit of research on what would fit your mustang but i don’t know if your car has the 4 speaker or 6 speaker set up. i assumed the 4 speaker set up which would be 5x7s in the back and 3.5s in the front on the dash. if you have the premium sound option you should have 6.5″ speakers in the door.

      the kicker speakers i put in today sound AMAZING. they are $42 and worth every penny but i found them refurbished (aka returned) and they were $25 (i haven’t found any others). 5x7s are going to be real hard to find and thus you might have to put 5.25 speakers in them. the planet audio speakers on amazon sound real good for the price (i’m putting 5.25″ in the saturn and they cost $13.30 a pair BUT the kicker speakers really do sound dramatically better. for the cruise in’s that i am sure you will be doing i would put the kicker speakers in.

      here are the specs i believe your car has from crutchfield.com

      front speakers
      dash: 3-1/2″
      door: 6-1/2″

      rear speakers
      deck: 6×8″

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