mr. mayor, i have a question

yesterday i ran into mayor halverson of stevens point while drinking coffee at emy j’s.  i introduced myself, gave him my card, and told him i would love the opportunity to take him out for coffee and ask him a few questions concerning point. i’ve emailed his office a couple a times a year since we moved to the point area asking if i could take him to coffee and ask him the following questions:

  1. what do you think are the biggest needs in the point area and how do you think the churches of the area can be a part of the solution to these needs?
  2. what do you wish a church in the area would do?
  3. what is the best kept secret in the point area?
  4. can you tell me three other people who love the area that you think i should take out for coffee and a conversation?

i really hope i hear back from him because i really want to hear his thoughts on these questions.

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