she wiped it on her rear


i go to the main street portage county public library pretty often. my family is made up of readers so i often find myself checking out and returning books. since the library also has free wifi i often use it as an “office” when i am looking for a place other than emy j’s to do some work. today i went to the library to return, check out and use it as an office.

while checking things out today my library card didn’t initially work. the librarian responded “there is probably some dirt or something on the card preventing the barcode from being read.” this made perfect sense but she then added, “i’ll just wipe it on my magic rear.”

that’s right. she said she was going to wipe it on her butt and before i could say “NO” she moved it to her backside and wiped my card on her rear.  when she tried the barcode reader again it didn’t work.

i guess her butt wasn’t so magic after all.

since i have no plans to use my now butt-wiped card again, i will get a new library card the next time i am at the library.

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