belt’s opened today

i love goofy traditions. therefore i love that each year people (primarily high school and college students) camp out be the first in line when belt’s soft serve ice cream opens. they do it to get the ice cream first and a free t-shirt or glass depending upon where they are in line. when we moved to point i started bringing coffee, on behalf of tapestry, to those who camped out. like i said pam and i love goofy traditions and therefore we want to support those who are a part of them.

adam at beltssince this year is adam’s senior year of high school we let him skip school to sleep at belt’s and be one of the first in line. so he and some friends slept out in the parking lot last night with a low of 14º to be ready for the opening. he was the third one in line. he says it was a fun night. i tend to believe him and i’m glad he did it. noah is already planning for 2015 and his senior year. adam shows up at around the 1:30 mark in the above video.

yeah for random traditions!

SIDE NOTE – we really haven’t had much snow this winter which is not really a good thing. i haven’t been cross country skiing once this winter because there hasn’t been a good base. anyhow this past week has been fun with the snow we have been receiving. this is what it was like this afternoon.

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