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adam and i are hiking part of the appalachian trail over his school spring break. we are both really excited about the trip. i’ve been doing the planning with some help from bill, a friend of pam’s sister. bill has been a ton of help. he agreed to look over my pack list so i have been typing it out for the past few days. if you want to you can view it here.

while developing my pack list i gained a great deal of wisdom from this wonderful post concerning the author’s 27lb for 7 days pack list. it is a great pack list.

if you look over my list and see anything that i obviously missed please let me know.

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  1. Looks pretty good I would include one more fire-starter you had matches and flint you should really have three bics are light and work good if you do not have moleskin in the first aid kit i would throw some in blisters can be brutal on the first hike of the year and lastly i would say wrap some duct tape around your water bottle you can use it for almost anything even works good on blisters if you do not have the fore mentioned mole skin and oh yeah Gods already put toilet paper out there for you so you dont need that

    1. thanks jesse. i skipped the matches since we had a piezoelectric starter on the stove, a fire starter on my knife, and i added the lighter. i have since discovered a compartment on my emergency whistle where i might store matches next time. had the moleskin but i will probably change to something else next time because it didn’t stick even with duct tape on it. no toilet paper? you are a stronger man than i.

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