premarital counseling books

i have posted before concerning what i cover with couples during premarital counseling.  since i am doing a great deal of premarital counseling at the moment (5 couples right now) i thought i would post the three books that i ask couples read during the weeks that we talk. these books are in constant update (the first one is a new one for me to use and i wish there was a new book i could use in place of the last one which needs a serious update).

do any fellow ministers, or anyone who does premarital counseling, have any other recommendations? i am always open for change.

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  1. thanks for this and your previous post on what you do in counseling young couples. This is something Im looking forward to developing for myself once I finish school. I really like Tripp’s book “What Did You Expect”, and it has a good DVD with it that can help some of your couples that are not efficient readers.

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