2 Quick Things

Yeah for Chilton's!

1st, I changed the brakes on the Sentra a few minutes ago. By far the easiest brake job I have ever done. 20 minutes total. So easy in fact that I now worry that something must be wrong. Only thing I can determined right now that is different from norm is that I used the previous brakes as an example and I placed the pad with the wear indicator on it on the outside, whereas the factory diagram shows it as the inside pad. To my knowledge this shouldn’t matter since the pads are identical other than the wear indicator and it was this way on the previous brake job.

2nd, due to an unforeseen double buying of salsa tomatoes the snack for Tapestry Church tomorrow night will be my homemade salsa. We have double what we should have. It is made for the Terrell’s so it is a little spicier than last time you “threads” had it when I made it during a sermon. It isn’t going to walk up to you and punch you in the face as it says “hi” but it might give you a nice friendly/playful slap across the face while it says “hi.” 🙂

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