Why Does The Baby Jesus Have Horns?

I know I should never change something about my sermon at the last minute. I know that usually when i do change something at the last moment (which I should never do) it leads to a mistake. That’s why I try to remind myself to never change anything in the message at the last moment.

Still last night while I was falling asleep I thought, “I should add an image of the baby Jesus after the slide saying ‘We Become What We Worship'”. So this morning I went to Google Image search on my computer and did a quick reuse usage rights imge search. Up popped this image.

I’ll assume that you instantly see the horns that have been added the the baby Jesus’ head. They are really pretty obvious. I should have seen them instantly. I, however, did not see them.

I didn’t pay as much attention to the image as i normally would for the images in my message PowerPoint. After all, this was a minor point that i just wanted to add an image to briefly reinforce. Without seeing the horns the image looked fine to me and, therefore, I quickly added it to my message PowerPoint without thinking anymore about the image.

At least until some “threads” asked during the message what was behind the infant’s head. I said “it is just stained glass”. Then someone said “no … why does the baby Jesus have horns?” I turned around to look at the big image projected behind me and was completely confused. Yep, those are horns. I hadn’t seen them at all before, but they were blatantly clear now.

Well, that killed that point.

This is why it is important to remember to never change anything about your message or message PowerPoint at the last minute. It also helps to be a part of a very gracious community of faith who just laugh with you at your mistakes. Thanks “threads”.

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