The History of the SEC Chant

A few years ago I posted concerning why I believe SEC fans chanted SEC. The post is here and it is consistently one of the most read posts on my blog. Yesterday Kirby, a friend and former neighbor, posted this article from ESPN concerning the actual history of the SEC chant. I remember Arkansas chanting this during their basketball championship runs but I didn’t realize that was most likely the origin of the chant. So I guess I am thankful for something that has come out of Arkansas. Who knew?!?!?

Most of my friends and acquaintances around here don’t care that much about college football, unless Wisconsin is winning (which most years means they don’t care very much ūüėĀ), so they usually don’t get the whole SEC chant thing. I suspect they will hear a great deal of “S!E!C!” tonight. I sure hope Bama wins, but no matter what it is going to be a fun night watching the game with my Georgia loving youngest son and chatting about the game on Twitter and Facebook with my SEC loving friends around the nation.

Roll Tide Roll!

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