Two Dollar Bills

Soon, my lady, you will be running on the back roads again.

A friend stores Buddy the Mustang during the cold, road salty months of Wisconsin’s Winter. He gives me a good deal and I appreciate that. I tend to go by once a month to start Buddy and pay him for the storage. Last year I developed the habit of paying him in $2 bills when I remembered to go by the bank and ask for them before heading out to his place. It makes me laugh and he seems to get a kick out of it too, or at least he puts up with it bringing me joy. Today I went by to start Buddy for the month and figured I would go ahead and pay him through March. Thankfully I thought to go by the bank first and was able to pay him $2 bills.

I’m sure this is meaningless to everyone else but the thought of handing him $120 in two dollar bills is going to keep me smiling for a while.  I’m smiling to myself right now thinking about it. Which is probably kind of creepy being as I am at Emy J’s coffee & ice cream shop right now sitting by myself and typing this on my blog. “Mommy, why is that the man with the “grumpy old man” hat smiling so big as he types on his keyboard? Just avoid eye contact and walk away kids!” Yep, it’s the little things in life. 🙂

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