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Since I talked about personal finance with 4 separate people today whiling chaplaining and I am now a little over half-way finished with Pam’s and my income tax forms I thought I would that a quick break and post the podcasts I am presently listening to concerning personal finance.

Here they are in the order in which I like them.

I do a good bit of driving, walking, and running throughout my day so I get to listen to a lot of podcasts. I find these helpful. I listen to Clark Howard pretty much immediately and then work my way through the others as I feel like it, have time, or how I feel about the subject they are talking about.

My biggest encouragement to anyone is the following list of actions:

  • Take control of your spending – Personally I don’t care how you do it, just do it. A budget is great. Getting rid of unnecessary expenses (i.e. downsizing on lots of things) is also great. I believe giving to God should be part of this, first because it is the right thing to do, and second, because it helps you to gain control of your spending. Just do something.
  • Freeze your credit – this is closest thing to “sure fire” credit identity theft protection you can have right now (there is no such thing ass “sure fire” which is why I said “closest thing to”).
  • Start a Roth IRA (unless you are in rarefied air where tax-wise it makes better sense to contribute to retirement pre-tax) – Not only are you saving and planning for your retirement but you are also building an emergency fund because you can pull your contributions out of a Roth IRA without penalty for an emergency.
  • Learn more of what you should do – Habits grow by consistently working on them. I don’t ever want anyone focused on their money (mammon makes a lousy god) and learning new and better ways to control your finances is a great way of keeping your finances from controlling you.

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