sickness, potatoes, and slapping

the terrell family weekend of sickness appears to be over – finally. pam feels better after hibernating for the weekend. the boys seem to be doing better and thus far none of the animals appear to be sick. i think we may have made it through our first winter family cold.

sunday after church i just so happened to have the potato cannon in my truck and after lunch i found out that the austins’ kids had never seen a potato cannon in operation. that was a good enough reason for me to pull it out so we took it out at the church and began firing. i swear that thing shoots further and further every time i use it. it was easily going 400 feet this time.

presently i am at cc’s coffee house waiting for our weekly youth ministry staff meeting. earlier while waiting a former youth minister walked up and started talking to me. this guy always talks TO me and never WITH me. this time he was busy talking about how “it’s all about relationships”. a statement i would agree with. yet, it’s hard to have a relationship or friendship with someone who is so busy talking AT you that they can never talk WITH you.

so i slapped him. that’s right i hauled off and popped him right across the face.

the problem is that this slap merely occurred in my mind. while he continued to rattle off i thought of slapping him and then watching how he would respond. he didn’t seem to mind that i wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying. or maybe he didn’t notice because he was too busy talking to realize that i was lost in my own world of thought. all i know is that imagining to slap him sure did make his diatribe go by quickly.

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