not as good as advertised

for CHRISTmas this year pam and i were given a gift certificate to ruth’s chris steak house. we were very appreciative of the gift. tonight we finally went to the restaurant to enjoy the meal that the gift certificate would buy. i had never been to ruth’s chris before and therefore all i really new to expect was high prices and ala carte meals. after eating there i can’t really understand what the big deal is. my steak was merely “okay.” it was by no means the best steak i’ve ever had – not even close to it.

pam and i actually think the whole thing is actually an emperor’s new clothes kind of a thing. i’m convinced that people must think “wow, this food is really expensive so it must be good.” people are too busy thinking this that they don’t realize that they are merely eating a slightly better than average steak. there are several places in baton rouge that serve a much better steak.

i still greatly appreciated the gift certificate.

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