i’m presently at cc’s coffeehouse working on the sermon i’m supposed to preach at the 9:30 a.m. worship service tomorrow and i’ve reached the point of needing a mental break so i’m decided to right in the blog for a second or two. as many of you know we have a new member of our family, montana. she’s a great dog and was already very well trained by the time we adopted her. even though she’s housebroken she’s had a few “accidents” getting familiar with our home and we’ve had to clean up a little bit of urine. one of those accidents happened this morning. it was really no big deal and was very easy to clean up because it was on a shirt that i was going to iron for church tomorrow. up until a few minutes ago i did not realize that the urine had seeped through the shirt on to what was below it.

i’ve been at cc’s since about 1:00 p.m. (it’s 4:00 now no matter what the blog clock says – it’s wrong and i can’t figure out how to change it). every so often someone would come and sit by me for a little while and then get up and move to another spot. this has happened four times. i had not really thought much of it. i personally don’t like sitting by strangers when there’s no chance to actually interact with them so i have just figured that they felt the same way and had moved because a better spot had opened up. at least that’s what i thought.

i have a lousy sense of smell. i’ve been told by a doctor that this is because i have a deviated septum. the allergist who told me this said it had probably happened during my years of football or rough housing as a kid. however it happened, i definitely messed up the inner workings of my nose sometime during my life. this has left me with a sense of smell that is sub-par. i can usually smell something for a second at most and then it’s gone. even during that second the wind has to blow in just right direction and the smell has to be pretty strong. i guess that’s why it took me so long to smell the dog pee that i had been carrying around with me.

my laptop messenger bag had been under the shirt that was peed on. when i saw the shirt i looked under it to make sure that it had only gotten on the shirt. nothing below the shirt seemed to be wet. the carpet was fine. i thought my bag had been fine because i couldn’t feel any wetness and i was unable to smell anything. well apparently dog urine takes awhile to reach it’s full potency because i began to smell the urine a few minutes ago (after my fourth coffeehouse neighbor had moved). so i lifted the laptop case up and verified that it was the recipient of montana’s marking.

on the good side montana’s urine has kept people from bothering me. since even i can now smell the urine now i think i’ll probably go home and wash the bag.

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