the great guy in blue

a while back pamela gave me the complete tick live action series on dvd. “the tick” was this great, odd comic book that was turned into an animated series and had such a strong cult following that it was converted into the live action series. unufortunately, the live action series only lasted one year. that’s the problem with television, it never notices when it has a truly brillant show and therefore drops the great stuff for drivel.

actually “the tick” was a series that based on quirky humor. you either loved the jokes or simply didn’t get them. most people didn’t get them and therefore it passed off of the television schedule. yet the people who loved the series have continued to love it and it has maintained good sales on the dvd market. hurray for cult followings (pass the cool-aide please).

but what about the animated series? i haven’t been able to find the complete thing and that was frustrating. yet now thanks be to abe haley and his brother micah i have now been able to borrow the entire series. micah found a copy of the entire series that someone had recorded off of t.v. they’re not the greatest quality but they are at least visible and audible. i’ll put up with poor quality audio & video as long as the content is truly great. “the tick” is truly great. so for the past three days i have been watching 3 twenty minute segments a day. i love it. the animated series is so completely stupid.

the whole series reminds me of danger mouse – the greatest of all cult television shows.

thanks abe and micah for the loan of the dvds. y’all are the best.

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