they better not screw this up

i can’t wait until december 2005 because that is when disney will release the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. c.s. lewis was brillant and i am very excited about this film adaptation of his classic children’s series. they just better not mess it up. the first trailer doesn’t tell much because it is nothing more than customes and such. the film better be good. i’m not sure how i’ll respond if it isn’t. you can’t go messing with a classic unless you do it justice.

anways here’s the trailer for the film.

here’s the trailer for “charlie and the chocolate factory” which is another movie that i really hope the film industry doesn’t mess up. tim burton is doing it and that bodes well for it, but i just can’t imagine johnny depp being able to surpass gene wilder as willy wonka.

some works of fiction are better of not messed with.

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